Thursday, 23 June 2011

Calendar Active Exchange Sync on Android : Client/server conversion error

I happened to edit one of the occurences of a recurring meeting, in my mobile's calendar. My mobile is having Android Froyo (Android 2.2). After editing, I connected my phone to wifi and tried to sync the calendar. But when I tried to sync, the calendar will not successfully sync, but shows the error "Client/server conversion error".

This is how I solved the problem:
  1. In my phone, I navigated to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications. Selected 'All' tab which shows all the applications.
  2. After that I scrolled to Calendar in the list I did the following
    1. Seleted and opened the Calendar from the list.
    2. Clicked on 'Clear Data'.
  3. I repeated steps above 2(a) and 2(b) for 'Calendar Storage', 'Calendar Sync Adapter' & 'Calendar Widget' in the list of applications, that I had opened in step 1.
  4. I clicked the 'Home' button on my phone to go to the home screen. Then again navigated to Settings > Accounts & Sync > Exchange ActiveSync.
    1. Unchecked 'Sync calendar'
    2. Clicked 'Sync now' (synced Mail & Contacts only)
    3. Checked 'Sync calendar'
    4. Clicked 'Sync now' again. (synced Mail, Calendar & Contacts)
The error has never come back again.

But not sure why a calendar item if I modify in my phone cannot be synced to the calendar in the exchange server.

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