Wednesday 10 April 2013

Play age of empires in Ubuntu

Install Age of empires from setup.exe, using playonlinux. Target can be a usb drive locate by /media//AOEA

After install do the following:

  1. Open PlayOnLinux
  2. Click Configure - the wheel symbol
  3. Go to 'Wine' tab
  4. Open the task manager
  5. In the 'Applications' tab, browse to the age of empires exe

Tip on how to find video card details is available in the url:

Tweaks can be done:

  • The config file is ~/.PlayOnLinux/shortcuts/Age Of Empires II : The Conquerors
  • In this file, the working directory will be the directory in the cd command.
  • POL_Wine <the exe name> -nostartup "$@" is the next line
PlayOnLinux will expect the exe and the installed folder to be the working directory.

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