Wednesday 29 June 2011

Backup a file using powershell script

Some critical files that I modify each day had to be backed up to a secure location, in case the file gets corrupted I can go to the archive and get the most recent backup.

I created a powershell script to do this. The script is pasted below.
#file name backup.ps1
$TodaysDateFormatted = Get-Date -format
if(Test-Path $PathToGoalsSheet)
if(Test-Path $PathToGoalsSheet\$FileToBeBackedUp)
Write("Creating folder ["+$BackupFolderName+"]...")
New-Item $PathToGoalsSheet\$BackupFolderName -type directory
Write("Copying File ["+ $FileToBeBackedUp +"] into ["+$BackupFolderName+"]...")
Copy-Item "$PathToGoalsSheet\$FileToBeBackedUp" "$BackupPath\$BackupFolderName"
Write("Could not find file ["+ "$PathToGoalsSheet\$FileToBeBackedUp" +"]!")
Write("The path ["+$PathToGoalsSheet+"] does not exist!")

The command to run this script file, I typed in a batch file (.bat), so I can run the powershell file (or schedule a task to run the batch file on a daily basis). The code in the batch file is as given below.

rem file name backup.bat
@echo off
set scriptHomePath=C:\PowerShell Scripts\
set backupFileScript=%scriptHomePath%backup.ps1
powershell -NoLogo -File "%backupFileScript%"

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