Saturday 29 March 2014

Setup Hot corners in Ubuntu 12.04

Use the following steps to setup hot corners in Ubuntu 12.04
  1. Install 'CompizConfig Settings Manager' from 'Ubuntu Software Center'
  2. Go to Category > General > General Options > Key bindings > Show Desktop > Click on 'Disabled' button
  3. Select the corner that need to be enabled

Note: In some cases, the hot corner that is set will be forgotten after restarting the machine. In that case, do the following to fix this issue.
  1. Install gconf-editor (type gconf-editor in terminal, the command to install will be shown if it is not installed already)
  2. After setting the hot corners using CompizConfigSetting Manager, open terminal and type gconf-editor
  3. In the Configuration Editor, go to apps > compiz-1 > general > screen0 > options
  4. Double click on active_plugins
  5. In the Edit Key dialog, move 'scale' to the end of the list, move 'expo' to second last in the list

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