Saturday 22 March 2014

[Solved] Cyanogenmod - WIFI disconnects after display is off

I had installed Cyanogenmod in my mobile. It is really an awesome OS!

After installation of the OS in my mobile, I had set the WIFI sleep policy to 'When screen turns off'. The problem I faced because of this setting was when my mobile display was off, WIFI would get disconnected and mobile data connection was switched on automatically; this caused my available mobile data allowance per month to be used, even though there was a WIFI available.

I totally forgot where I had set this policy. I literally browsed all the settings except, where it could be re-configured! Finally I found where I had set the WIFI sleep policy, and set it back to 'Never'.

In this post I will provide the steps on how to set the WIFI sleep policy to suit your need.
  1. Open Settings
  2. Navigate to Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi settings
  3. Press the menu button on phone
  4. From the menu, select 'Advanced'
  5. Open 'Wi-Fi sleep policy'
  6. Select the option that suits your need ( I set it to 'Never' )
No worries of WIFI disconnect after this setting was enabled.

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