Sunday 23 March 2014

Ubuntu 12.04 - Brasero will not copy a DVD to ISO

After installing Ubuntu 12.04, I wanted to copy a DVD I had. The Select disk to copy list will be blank, no matter how many times I selected the DVD. I had to read through many forums to finally figure out, it is something to do with a bug in Brasero. But, I figured out a workaround.

  1. Insert the disk into the DVD drive
  2. Open Brasero, and select Copy CD/DVD
  3. If the Select disk to copy list is having a value, you may not need to go further reading the post. You are good to go. Proceed to next step if the Select disk to copy is empty. Note:Don't close the Copy CD/DVD dialog.
  4. Right click on the DVD drive that is mounted, and select Eject
  5. Insert the DVD back in the drive
  6. The DVD should be listed in the Select disk to copy list

Note:You may need to install the restricted extras. Please refer my earlier post on how to install these libraries.

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